18-Year-Old Philadelphia Entrepreneur Seeks to Revolutionize travel in Guinea, West Africa


Tarata Konneh, 18, of Philadelphia, PA, is one of this year’s competitors in the i.Invest National Youth Entrepreneur Business Competition. Tarata’s enthusiasm for travel spun the globe before landing in Guinea, West Africa, where his company, Konneh Transports, will help traveling entrepreneurs reach their destination.

Tell us about your business.

Konneh Transports’ concept is based in solving the problem of easy and convenient 520-mile travel between Conakry and N’zerekore for entrepreneurs on business trips. The company’s mission is to provide comfort and a healthy traveling environment with licensed, up-to-code drivers, and inspected vehicles as well as enhance opportunities and accessibility in the Guinea region of West Africa.

What inspired the creation of Konneh Transports?

Konneh Transports was created after I took several trips to Guinea. While traveling like a local, I experienced harsh conditions in unreliable vehicles, and heard the laments and complaints of fellow travelers varying from dangerous conditions in the beds of trucks, overcrowding, and sanitary concerns.

How will Konneh Transports impact the world?

Konneh Transports’ accessibility will help expand the job market, create jobs, help natives secure employment, as well as invest in their community.

What are the next steps for Konneh Transports?

The company is seeking to raise $65,000 to purchase a vehicle, video monitoring inside the vehicle and to cover other expenses. In the coming years, we will work to expand services throughout the countries in West Africa, including Liberia, Sierra Leone, Senegal, and Mali.

To learn more about Konneh Transports, visit: www.konnehtransports.com

To stay abreast of Konneh Transports’ progress in the i.Invest Competition, sign up for our newsletter at www.i-investcompetition.com. To mentor or invest, email info@i-investcompetition.com.

Good luck, Tarata!

VA-based Youth Entrepreneurs Develop Interactive Game Addressing Immigration Crisis in U.S.

Daniel and Aidan capital hill (1)
Youth entrepreneurs Daniel Mousavi (left), 14 and brother, Aidan (right)

Daniel Mousavi, 14, of Great Falls, VA is one of this year’s competitors in the i.Invest National Youth Entrepreneur Business Competition. Daniel, along with his younger brother Aidan, are addressing the immigration crisis around the globe through the development of an interactive board game and mobile application with their company, Software Flow, Inc.

Tell us about your business.

Software Flow created a storytelling platform designed to teach politics and history to children and adult players. The company offers two interactive games in Android and iPhone called, Immigrant’s Nightmare and Immigrant Challenge. In Immigrant’s Nightmare, players from different corner countries are attempting to cross the U.S. border (as center country) in a snake and ladder game format. Players are forced to go back and forth to their home country to collect assets and to earn an education before crossing the border. In Immigrant Challenge, players can attempt to enter other developed countries like Canada, France, Germany, in addition to the U.S.

Immigrants Nightmare screen shot

What inspired the creation of Immigrant’s Nightmare and Immigrant Challenge?

The games were inspired by a school project Aidan was assigned in June of 2016. The boys developed the game as a response to the heated presidential debate surrounding immigration and the proposed building of a wall along the border between U.S. and Mexico. Together they created a prototype of the board game and set out to test a mobile application to educate the public about the issue in an engaging and interactive way. Fueled by the current social/political climate, Software Flow and its products hope to generate even more success than other socially motivated games, like Monopoly.

How will Software Flow impact the world?

The creators of Software Flow hope to influence the children of today, who will be the policy-makers of tomorrow. Out of the 61 million immigrants in the U.S., 11.5 have entered the country illegally, desperate to reside in the “Land of Opportunity” and have their civil and human rights protected by our country’s laws. The multimedia games provided by Software Flow hope to influence and educate the approximately 244 million international migrants and 20 million refugees worldwide.

What are the next steps?

Software Flow has already sold 30 units. The company plans to raise funds through crowdfunding efforts on platforms like Kickstarter, who have raised over $52.1 million dollars for board game creators. They seek to sell to consumers via print-on-demand options on their website. The creators also plan to promote their product on websites like Game Crafters and to seek partnerships with companies such as Northstar, attend industry trade shows, and collaborate with educational programs.

To learn more about Software Flow games visit, www.immigrantsnightmare.com or www.immigrantchallenge.com.

To stay abreast of Software Flow’s progress in the i.Invest Competition, please sign up for our newsletter at www.i-investcompetition.com. To provide support as a mentor or investor, email info@i-investcompetition.com.

Good luck, Daniel!





i.Invest 2016 Winner, Beacon Health, Raises $225K in Pre-Seed Funding

Founders, Shrenik Jain & Ravi Shah (center & right); Chief Data Scientist Satya Prateek Bommaraju (left)

In 2016, 19-year-old founder of Beacon Health, Shrenik Jain, took home the top prize from the i.Invest National Youth Business Competition with his mobile app designed to help people struggling with mental illness. Since winning the competition and being named the i.Invest 2016 Youth Business of the Year, Jain, Co-Founder Ravi Shah and Chief Data Scientist Satya Prateek Bommaraju, have diligently worked to transform their innovative idea into a successful health IT business.

Beacon Health’s mobile app has captured the attention of investors and customers from public and private sectors. The platform allows users to create an anonymous profile, search for the issue most relevant to them and instantly be connected with other Beacon Health members with similar mental health challenges as well as trained professionals. The platform offers anonymity and support by utilizing a natural language processing algorithm that can detect vulgar or malicious content and therefore prevent cyber bullying.

Since winning the i.Invest top prize which included $2,000 cash and a host of in-kind awards last October, the Beacon Health team has raised $225,000 in pre-seed funding. They will open a seed round with the goal of raising $600,000 in May-June. The ideal investors would be focused in healthcare and bring potential deployment sites in addition to capital.

The current backers include, the National Institute of Health (NIH), Johns Hopkins University and the Maryland Technology Development Corporation (TEDCO). NIH is mentoring the team in an effort to help them secure SBIR grants.

The Beacon Health staff has also grown. They currently have 10 employees, and are considering opening a second office in Boston, which will focus on research and development. They have signed 9 LOIs, some from major cities such as Denver and Nashville, to deploy their product once the pilots conclude.

Beacon Health’s app is live at several pilot sites, including Johns Hopkins University and Mindoula Health.

For more information on how to connect with Beacon Health email info@i-investcompetition.com or go to, http://www.beaconhealth.co/.

Congratulations, Shrenik, Ravi & Satya!

Meet i.Invest Judge and Entrepreneur, Dr. Tamecka Knight

In 2016, Dr. Tamecka Knight, owner of Premier Pediatrics in Houston, Texas, volunteered as an i.Invest National Youth Business Competition judge and mentor. In 2017, she expanded her role to include joining the board of directors for the LifeSkills Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing resources for i.Invest Competitions. In her own words, Dr. Knight discusses why she supports youth entrepreneurship.
Tell us about your current position, why you do what you do and how it prepares you to mentor youth and youth entrepreneurs?
I am CEO of a rapidly growing pediatric medical practice in the Houston Metropolitan area. Not only do I own the practice; I also provide care to about 4,000 patients yearly. Because I work exclusively with pediatric patients, I see the creativity, the entrepreneurial spirit and the need for mentorship.
What three things should all young entrepreneurs be prepared for before they create a business?
Know your vision! Know how to handle failure. Simply, work hard.  In order to grow a business you have to know your growth potential. Have a plan, follow that plan, but be amendable to change when the plan does not go as planned. Failures during some aspects to the business development process will and need to occur to keep you growing. Surmount it and continue towards your vision. Lastly, work hard towards your vision. Hard work pays off every time. Failure is not an option.
Tell us about your biggest business failure and success.
My biggest failure was believing everyone would understand my vision, and therefore, everything would fall into place. You must know your vision and be able to sell it to everyone. Knowing that failure is not an option is the key to success.
Why is nurturing entrepreneurship important to you?
Entrepreneurship must be fostered early on in our youth. Our youth have the most creative minds and vision than any other generation. Equipping them with an entrepreneurial mindset encourages not only self-development in the youth, but serves to build the community and the economy.
Name the educational classes, business programs or real-world experiences that played a key role in your success and why.
Attending the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Starting Your Own Business classes allowed me to network with like-minded people who were on the same journey of learning the technical side of making our dreams and visions become reality.
Special thanks to Dr. Knight for her dedication to i.Invest Competitions. To learn more about the competition visit www.i-investcompetition.com.

Calling All Youth Entrepreneurs 13-19 Years Old!

Interested in showcasing your product or service and having your business idea evaluated by leading professionals from organizations like Google, John Hopkins University and BlueTree Angels? Sign up for the i.Invest National Youth Entrepreneur Business Competition. Online registration will open March 1-May 1, 2017. To compete all you need is a computer and a great business idea. To learn more, visit www.i-investcompetition.com or email info@i-investcompetition.com.




BALTIMORE, MD (October 24, 2016) – Seven different statewide cyber communities today announced the creation of CyberUSA, a new national platform for collaboration in economic development and innovation, and plans to expand the effort to include 30 states within the first year. The announcement was made Thursday, October 20th during a special session at the CyberMaryland 2016 Conference.

CyberUSA, will be chaired by Governor Tom Ridge, the nation’s first Secretary of Homeland Security and Chairman of Ridge Global. The group will coordinate public and private efforts across different states and communities to ensure American leadership in cybersecurity by shaping the education, innovation and policy landscapes at both the state and federal levels.

CyberUSA also will develop a national threat-sharing platform to enable different cyber communities to begin threat-sharing programs. The collected data can then be shared with other regions, and will be accumulated at the national level for working with federal leaders. CyberUSA will initially include CyberMaryland as well as existing cyber communities in California, Texas, Massachusetts, South Carolina, Louisiana and Colorado.

Former US Commerce Undersecretary Phil Bond will serve as executive director of the group, while former Symantec government relations executive Adam Rak will serve as national policy director.

“It is imperative that American communities pull together on cybersecurity,” said Governor Ridge. “This is the new battlefront for both national security and economic security.  That’s why we need to organize better nationally to get our private sector working together to compare notes, share solutions, and identify threats.”

Bond explained that the new group’s mission will have three facets: programs and policies to spur innovation, education and economic development centered on cyber security; threat-sharing to increase security at the local and national levels; and bundled affinity programs, starting with cyber insurance.

“A national association of associations can help expedite best practices, share threat intelligence, and leverage buying power to help companies better manage cyber risk,” Bond added.

The seven core states (Maryland, California, Texas, Massachusetts, South Carolina, Louisiana and Colorado) will comprise the CyberUSA board. The inaugural board also will include the University of Maryland, and will be open to leaders from industry, academia and government.

Federal programs such as the National Security Agency-sponsored NSA Day of Cyber and the National Initiative on Cyber Education led by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) are natural partners with the private sector, Bond said.
The project will be housed under a 501(c)(3) organization, the Foundation for American Science and Technology, that was founded in 2014 by Bond, former Obama Cyber Adviser Howard Schmidt, and former Symantec executive Adam Rak.

CyberMaryland is widely recognized as being the first mover to form a state-based cyber community, built on the state’s mix of public and private cyber security leaders. Today, it is the largest such community and host of the largest industry annual gathering.

Phil Bond | phil@bond-associates.com| 202-827-4204
David Powell | dpowell@fbcinc.com | 240-841-2210

Media Recap: CyberMaryland Summit 2016

LogoColorTextBelow (2)PR Solutions Strategic Marketing & Corporate Event Planning Company wrapped up its work on the CyberMaryland Summit, a two-day cyber conference in Baltimore, Maryland. The event, which is in its sixth year, includes a cyber conference, job fair, industry showcase, networking event, and hall of fame dinner. PR Solutions has a strategic partnership with the event host, the Federal Business Council, Inc. (FBC), an organization that provides meeting and conference support for the Department of Defense (DoD), Intelligence Community, and Federal Civilian Agencies.

For the second year in a row, PR Solutions provided the following services for CyberMaryland: Strategic Planning, Agenda Architecture, Speaker Recruitment & Support, Event Marketing, Media Relations, Public Relations, and Social Media Management.

Among the 90+ speakers recruited to participate were several national and international cyber thought-leaders. To see a complete list visit here.

For over six months, PR Solutions worked with the team at FBC to create an informative event that attracted media coverage from C-SPAN, CNN, NBC, FOX and CBS local and Washington DC affiliates. In addition, print and on-line publication coverage were provided by The Baltimore Business Journal, The Baltimore Sun, Cyberwire and several other local organizations.


National Security Agency and US Cyber Command Chief, Admiral Michael Roger’s keynote address held on Thursday, October 20th during the opening session of the event was a major draw that generated live coverage from national media outlets. Below are excerpts from C-SPAN’s coverage as provided on the network’s website and DoD News.

To see the complete keynote address on C-SPAN visit here.


[Pictures Below: Admiral Michael Rogers, NSA/CSS & Chief, US Cyber Command; Gary Merry, CEO, Deep Run Security; Hamilton Turner, Senior Director of Research and Engineering, OptioLabs; Gregg Smith, CEO, OptioLabs; and, Marianne Bailey, Deputy Chief Information Officer, DoD]

The Washington Post – Cyber security conference beginning in Baltimore – October 20, 2016


The Baltimore Sun – Experts: Network and data security should be a C-suite concern October 21, 2016

The Baltimore Sun – NSA chief: Cyber adds ‘whole other dimension’ to Russia’s attempts to manipulate U.S. affairs – October 21, 2016

Executive Gov –Adm. Michael Rogers: Human Capital is Biggest Cyber Challenge – October 21, 2016

The Baltimore Business Journal – NSA director: Cybersecurity talent pipeline remains top challenge – October 20, 2016


The Baltimore Business Journal – Baltimore cybersecurity exec explains what caused the wave of attacks on Friday – October 21, 2016


The Baltimore Business Journal – Why government agencies, cyber companies need to evolve to attract millennials – October 21, 2016 (Subscription needed)


The Baltimore Business Journal – Cybersecurity degrees aren’t enough for today’s jobs, industry execs say – October 21, 2016 (Subscription needed)

The Business Desk.com –  Cyber security experts set to go Stateside – October 12, 2016

Defense.gov – Motivation, Talent Remain Strongest Elements of Network Defense – October 25, 2016

FederalNewsRadio.com – U.S. Cyber Command acquisition experiment begins broader cyber self-assessment – October 21, 2016

The Baltimore Business Journal – Want to make six figures? Local cyber salaries are expected to spike in 2017 – October 26, 2016

The Baltimore Sun- Millennials under-represented in federal workforce as a retirement boom looms – October 28, 2016


Ridge Global – Regional Cyber Groups Launch New Entity – CyberUSA – October 20, 2016

Delta Risk Blog – Sights and Sounds of CyberMaryland 2016 – October 22, 2016

Ray Longoria – CyberMaryland Conference 2016 Recap – October 22, 2016


CyberWire has added the coverage to their Event Coverage page: https://thecyberwire.com/cw_events.html

Direct link to #CyberMD2016 coverage: https://thecyberwire.com/events/cybermaryland2016/cybermaryland2016-event-coverage.html

Admiral Rogers article: https://thecyberwire.com/events/cybermaryland2016/human-capital-and-cyber-security-keynote-by-nsa-admiral-rogers.html

Michael Chertoff article: https://thecyberwire.com/events/cybermaryland2016/the-attackers-advantage-and-pervasive-connectivity-remarks-by-michael-chertoff.html

Comments/notes from some of the companies CyberWire spoke with at the event: https://thecyberwire.com/events/cybermaryland2016/innovation-and-international-cooperation-notes-from-cybermaryland-2016.html

Podcast Coverage:

On 10/20/16, CyberWire featured Tom Sadowski when their podcasted from the event: https://thecyberwire.com/podcasts/cw-podcasts-daily-2016-10-20.html

On 10/21/16, CyberWire shared some advice from the Cyber Security Hall of Fame: https://thecyberwire.com/podcasts/cw-podcasts-daily-2016-10-21.html

On 10/25/16, CyberWire caught up with Malcom Harkins of Cylance at the event and featured him this day: https://thecyberwire.com/podcasts/cw-podcasts-daily-2016-10-25.html


CyberMaryland Panel: Shedding Light on the Dark Web, Threat Intelligence Enabled Workforce – October 28, 2016

Special thanks to all the speakers, sponsors, media representatives, and special guests who dedicated their time and expertise to making the event a success. Congratulations to the FBC team.

This document will be updated weekly with newly released coverage.

To learn more about PR Solutions’ services call Michelle Jackson, CEO at 678-548-2461 or email jacksonmichelle24@gmail.com.

2016 i.Invest National Youth Business Competition Winners Announced


Businesses from left to right: MoTrack, Beacon, RapidFire & Hopes for the Best.

PR Solutions LLC today announced the winners of the first annual i.Invest National Youth Business Competition. Mentored by a group of volunteer business and academic leaders from organizations, including Google, SEI Investments and Johns Hopkins University, four teams were selected from a pool of more than 25 to compete in a six-month web-based competition in order to qualify for the top prize.

This year’s winners are:

  • First Place Beacon (formerly Atrium). Developed by Shrenik Jain, a 19-year-old Baltimore, MD resident. Beacon is a mobile platform that offers anonymity and support to those suffering from mental health issues. Prize: $2,000 non-equity investment, title of Invest 2016 Youth Business of the Year and the opportunity to pitch at Johns Hopkins Carey Business School.
  • Second Place – MoTrack Therapy. Developed by Rahul Yerrabelli, 18, Benjamin Pikus, 18, Himanshu Dashora, 18, Parth Singh, 19 and Adam Polevoy,19, from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD. MoTrack is a virtual reality software that has revolutionized the way patients can receive physical therapy for hand and wrist injuries. Prize: $1,000 non-equity investment
  • Third Place – RapidFire. Developed by Marc Baghadjian, 17, from Brunswick School in Greenwich, CT. RapidFire is an automated air-soft gun clip with the capacity to increase bullets to 400 per round, making the air-soft sport experience completely hands-free for users. Prize: $500 non-equity investment
  • Community Investment Award – Hopes for the Best. Developed by Cheyenne Rhone, 15, from West Mifflin High School in West Mifflin, PA. Hopes for the Best designs a fashion survival bracelet made from a special material called para cord 550 that can safely hold up to 500 lbs. Prize: $250 non-equity investment;opportunity to observe a BlueTree Allied Angels screening meeting and to participate in a one-hour consulting session with serial entrepreneur and executive director/chairman, Don Morrison; face-to-face legal consultation from Cherin Law Firm in Pittsburgh, PA and e-commerce consultation from LaToya C. Staten & Associates in Baltimore, MD.

In addition, all the winners will receive a one-hour marketing consultation with PR Solutions LLC; the opportunity to be a vendor and/or speaker during the #EYECON Youth Conference in May 2017 at Morgan State University in Baltimore, MD; and, the opportunity to participate in a “Ask the Start-Up Attorney” no-fee virtual consultation with Cherin Law Firm.

“To say the competition exceeded our expectation is an understatement,” said executive director, Michelle Jackson. “We set out to create a mentoring program focused on bridging the gap between youth entrepreneurs with viable products and experienced business leaders. However, what we ultimately have is a way to shine a light on creative ideas being developed by the next generation of innovators – youth who learn through this process that no matter their age, geographical location or educational accomplishments, creating a great product can transcend all perceived limitations.”

The i.Invest competition is open to youth 13 to 19 years old with a demonstrable product or service. During the three rounds of scoring, applicants are required to submit a business concept profile, business plan, pitch video and participate in on-line group coaching with select judges.

“i.Invest doesn’t end with the awarding of prizes,” said Jackson. “Now that the winners have completed the process, they will continue to have access to our mentors. We are here to help them reach their personal and professional goals.”

The 2017 i.Invest competition will be launched in the coming months. To receive event updates and sponsorship information visit the i.Invest website or contact Michelle Jackson at mjackson@i-investcompetition.com.

Special thanks to the i.Invest 2016 Judges & Mentors

Artis Keith Turner, Serial Entrepreneur, President of TurnGroup Technologies, LLC, 2015 Innovation Fellowship for the Venture Café & YouthCITIES Youth

Craig Dixon, AWS Educate, Amazon Web Services

Curtis H. Austin, Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton

Daraius Irani, Associate VP, DIAR of Towson University

David Tucker, Jr., Founder & Executive Director, On The Set Summer Film Camp

Don Morrison, Chairman of Deal Flow, BlueTree Allied Angels

Dr. Mansur Hasib, Professor and Author, University System of Maryland

Dr. Tamecka Knight, CEO & Owner, Premier Pediatrics of Houston

James Parren Courtney II, Owner, Courtney Consultants, LLC

Jennifer Mrzlack Co-founder, Naturi

Jerry Cozewith, Director of Development, Sarah Heinz House

Julie Kantor, CEO and Founder, Twomentor LLC

Ketaki Desai, Executive Director, eCenter@LindenPointe

LaToya Staten, Chief Collaborator, LaToya C. Staten & Associates

Matthew Miessau, Analyst, Epidarex Capital

Mike Capsambelis, Product Manager, Google

Mojdeh Bahar, Assistant Administer for Technology Transfer, USDA

Omar S. Muhammad, “Intrapreneur” & Director of the Entrepreneurial Development & Assistance Center (EDAC), Morgan State University

Professor Jim Liew, Johns Hopkins Carey Business School

Regina Tillery, Director and CIO, Maryland Department of Commerce

Roderick Square, General Electric Hitachi

Susan R. Ramonat, Business Development Executive, Chief Risk Officer, SEI Investment

Timothy Taylor, CPA

Vernon Lee, Founder, Brightwood Management Partners, LLC

About PR Solutions LLC

PR Solutions LLC is a strategic marketing and corporate event planning firm that specializes in working with new and established ventures to build viable business models and to integrate innovative marketing tools into for-profit and non-profit business strategies. PR Solutions is the parent company of the i.Invest competition. To learn more, visit http://www.prsolutions123.com.

10 Reasons Not to Miss CyberMaryland 2016


For the sixth year, the CyberMaryland Summit continues to offer a unique cyber security information sharing venue. Designed to bring together cyber technologists, job-seekers, educators, government and industry leaders, the two-day event was created to encourage cyber professionals to share their skills and expertise, network with other professionals from the region and beyond, and seek collaborative ways to address the most critical challenges facing the nation’s network security infrastructure.

Scheduled for October 20 and 21 at the Hilton Baltimore Hotel in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, CyberMaryland, a cyber conference, job fair, networking event and hall of fame dinner, will continue its mission to inform and educate hundreds of business, government and academic leaders.

Each year the conference attracts a host of cyber-savvy professionals. This year’s event is designed to inspire collaboration among network security professionals from across the US and abroad.

There are countless reasons not to miss the CyberMaryland Summit, but here’s our top 10:

  • Cyber-attacks cost businesses as much as $400 billion a year. CyberMaryland brings together cyber leaders who are focused on addressing the most pressing issues facing network security and the protection of national and global government and industry infrastructures.
  • More than 209,000 cyber security jobs in the U.S. are unfilled, and job postings are up 74% over the past five years. CyberMaryland does its part to expose the next generation of cyber leaders to job seekers at companies like Booz Allen Hamilton, Deloitte, Delta Risk, DISA, General Dynamics and many others during the Cyber Job Fair scheduled for October 20 from 11 am – 3 pm at the Hilton Baltimore.
  • Maryland is the epicenter of cyber security. Within a 50-mile radius of the host venue is federal agencies, academic institutions and business organizations that are mission critical to network security. CyberMaryland is held in the region’s cyber innovation hub – the “Mecca” of network security expertise.
  • The tools and skills required to combat cyber threats continue to evolve. CyberMaryland offers several sessions designed to showcase new cyber technologies. For the second year, the conference will host the Cyber Defense Toolbox, a session designed to highlight cyber tools no organization should be without. The panel will include: OptioLabs, Inc. (Baltimore, MD), SparkCognition, Inc. (Austin, TX), Flashpoint (New York, NY), Portnox (US & Israel) and root9B (Colorado Springs, CO). Furthermore, attendees can learn about Watson, IBM’s new technology platform that uses natural language processing and machine learning to reveal insights from large amounts of unstructured data.
  • Speakers are set to tackle cyber topics critical to the detection, protection, derailment and recovery from cyber-crimes. CyberMaryland is composed of seven forums – Cyber Risk, Cyber Education, Cyber Threat Intelligence, Cyber Innovation, Insider Threats, Government Cyber Opportunities and Cyber Workforce – that are essential to educating the public about cyber security.
  • Every organization is at-risk, no matter the size. During the Cyber Risk Forum, attendees will learn about risk and vulnerabilities that threaten networks from all size organizations. No company or government agency is immune from cyber-crime.
  • Information sharing is key. The two-day conference is a platform for information sharing among key thought-leaders. This years’ roster of speakers include: Admiral Michael S. Rogers, US Navy, Commander, US Cyber Command, Director, National Security Agency (NSA) and Chief, Central Security Service (CSS); The Honorable Michael Chertoff, former US Secretary of Homeland Security and Executive Chairman and Co-founder, The Chertoff Group; John C. Inglis, Venture Partner, Paladin Capital Group, former Deputy Director, NSA and visiting professor in cyber security at the Center for Cyber Security Studies, US Naval Academy; Gen. Alan R. Lynn, USA Director, Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) and Commander, Joint Force Headquarters – Department of Defense Information Network (DoDIN); Graham Holmes, Senior Director, Advanced Security Initiatives Group, Cisco Systems; and Dante Disparte, Founder and CEO, Risk Cooperative. In addition, cyber leaders from CrowdStrike, T. Rowe Price, Forcepoint, Sonatype, KEYW Corporation, Lockheed Martin and Cylance will present during the conference. To see the complete list of speakers, visit the website.
  • Network, network, network. The night before the conference starts, hundreds of cyber leaders will meet and mingle at the CyberTini Networking Event hosted by bwtech@UMBC. Scheduled to take place on Wednesday, October 19 from 5 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. at the Columbus Center (Pier Five) in downtown Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, attendees can connect with conference speakers and key cyber professionals.
  • Respect the Past, Protect the Future. The National Cyber Security Hall of Fame awards banquet will be held October 20 from 6 p.m. – 10 p.m. at the Hilton Baltimore. Attendees can witness the induction of seven cyber pioneers into the Hall of Fame.
  • October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month, and there is no better place to learn about cyber security than CyberMaryland 2016.

Registration is available. Government employees attend free.

For more information contact Michelle D. Jackson, CyberMaryland Agenda Architect and Owner/CEO of PR Solutions LLC Strategic Marketing & Corporate Event Planning, www.prsolutions123.com, 678-548-2461, mjackson@cybermarylandconference.com.

Global Cyber Leaders set to convene at 6th Annual CyberMaryland Summit


Annual conference, industry showcase, job fair and National Cyber Security Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony to be held during National Cybersecurity Awareness Month in October.

(Baltimore, Md. – Sept. 13, 2016) – Hundreds of cybersecurity industry leaders will gather in Baltimore for the sixth annual CyberMaryland Summit, showcasing the growing cyber industry and the issues and trends facing it. Held during National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, this summit comprises a multi-faceted conference, industry showcase, job fair and awards celebration. The CyberMaryland Summit is recognized as one of the region’s premier collaborative platforms for information sharing among cyber professionals in the industry, government and academic sectors.

Scheduled October 20 and 21 at the Hilton Baltimore Inner Harbor Hotel, CyberMaryland 2016 will continue in the conference’s tradition of showcasing new cyber technologies, promoting cyber employment and celebrating the work of prominent cyber pioneers and next-generation leaders.

“We’ve seen a huge leap in the awareness of cyber security as a true business issue,” said David Powell, chairman of the CyberMaryland Summit Advisory Board. “From risk management, policy, threat sharing, training, legal issues and the commitment to develop the next generation’s cyber workforce, Maryland has a tremendous ecosystem for addressing these issues from all angles – from the server room to the board room.”

New this year, the conference will open its doors to cyber delegations from the United Kingdom and Israel as part of the countries’ effort to connect business and academic leaders to top US government and industry professionals.

“Maryland is a cybersecurity powerhouse,” said Col. Ken McCreedy, USA (Ret.), senior director of cyber and aerospace at the Maryland Department of Commerce. “With the federal government’s premier cyber-related agencies, an environment in which entrepreneurs and industry leaders alike can succeed, and an unrivaled community of researchers and educators, Maryland is the place to be for cyber. The CyberMaryland Summit brings many of these resources together under one roof, and we’re pleased to be part of it.”

Maryland, which is globally recognized as the epicenter for cybersecurity and a hub for innovative cyber technologies, has a long and prestigious history of being in the forefront of tackling network security challenges and maintaining a strong cyber ecosystem. CyberMaryland 2016 offers the community an opportunity to meet in a face-to-face environment, share priorities, develop relationships and collaborate in the work being done within the state’s borders and across the globe.

Among this year’s notable speakers:

  • Adm. Michael S. Rogers, US Navy, Commander, US Cyber Command, Director, National Security Agency (NSA) and Chief, Central Security Service (CSS);
  • The Honorable Michael Chertoff, former US Secretary of Homeland Security and Executive Chairman and Co-founder, The Chertoff Group;
  • John C. Inglis, Venture Partner, Paladin Capital Group, former Deputy Director, NSA and visiting professor in cyber security at the Center for Cyber Security Studies, US Naval Academy;
  • Malcolm Harkins, Chief Security and Trust Officer, Cylance, Inc.;
  • Gen. Alan R. Lynn, USA Director, Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) and Commander, Joint Force Headquarters – Department of Defense Information Network(DoDIN);
  • Dmitri Alperovitch, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, CrowdStrike

The conference has also attracted cyber leaders from the Department of Homeland Security, T. Rowe Price, CyberPatriot, Risk Cooperative, SANS Institute, Forcepoint, US Army Research Laboratory, Sonatype, Code.org and KEYW Corporation.

“In today’s constantly evolving threat environment, cybersecurity continues to be one of the most critical issues facing governments, enterprises and individuals alike,” said Chertoff. “It is imperative that states and industry work in partnership to help create more resilient critical infrastructure and communities, reducing potential exposure and mitigating potential consequences. Maryland continues to demonstrate leadership in fostering innovative partnerships that can lead to new technologies, an educated workforce, and more cyber security professionals.”

CyberMaryland 2016 is comprised of the CyberMaryland Summit and Industry Showcase, the Cyber Job Fair, the National Cyber Security Hall of Fame awards banquet and the CyberTini Networking event. The conference and industry showcase will be held from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., October 20 – 21 at the Hilton Baltimore. The Cyber Job Fair will be held from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. on October 20 at the same location. The National Cyber Security Hall of Fame awards banquet will be held October 20 from 6 p.m. – 10 p.m. at the Hilton Baltimore. The CyberTini Networking event will take place on Wednesday, October 19 from 5 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. at the Columbus Center (Pier Five) in downtown Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. For more information on all CyberMaryland Summit events visit, https://www.fbcinc.com/e/cybermdconference/default.aspx.

The CyberMaryland 2016 includes seven forums designed for government contractors, business service providers, technology companies, entrepreneurs, policy makers and government agency officials. The forums include: Cyber Risk, Education, Workforce, Innovation, Threat Intelligence, Insider Threats, and Government Cyber Opportunities. Respected industry thought leaders will present workshops and panels on various topics. Scheduled sessions include: Top Cyber Concerns in the C-Suite, Restoring Data Integrity After a Destructive Malware or Ransomware Attack, and the Israel Innovation Exploration Roundtable. Additionally, for the second year, CyberMaryland will host the Cyber Defense Toolbox, a session designed to showcase technologies no cyber team should be without. This year’s panelists include technologists from OptioLabs, Inc. (Baltimore, MD), SparkCognition, Inc. (Austin, TX), Flashpoint (New York, NY), Portnox (US & Israel) and root9B (Colorado Springs, CO).

For information on becoming a CyberMaryland 2016 sponsor or exhibitor, contact Gabe Wollner at 240-841-2211 or Gabriel@fbcinc.com. CyberMaryland 2016 sponsors include Cisco Systems, Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimore, Deep Run Security, National Cryptologic Museum Foundation, Federal Business Council, Inc., University of Maryland University College, LifeJourney, Northrop Grumman, Convergence Technology Consulting and the Maryland Department of Commerce. Follow conference updates, including announced speakers and exhibitors, on Twitter @CyberMaryland and Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/theCyberMD.


About The Cyber Maryland Summit

Launched in 2011, The CyberMaryland Summit is driven by a public-private partnership guided by a volunteer Industry Advisory Board consisting of business leaders, top educators, and public sector representatives. Timely and informative, the event provides an annual forum to unite private sector businesses, federal, state and local government, academia and the developing workforce.  The conference is supported and funded by over 100 private companies, educational institutions and government organizations. Now in its 6th year, the Conference will continue to address the security challenges facing our nation’s digital infrastructure, reinforce Maryland’s position as the epicenter of cybersecurity, and help fulfill Maryland’s responsibility to support America’s cybersecurity mission. The Federal Business Council, Inc. (FBC http://www.fbcinc.com) has produced The CyberMaryland Summit from its inception, providing capital, personnel and expertise to launch and grow the program. More than 2,500 people participated in 2015.  For more information, call (240) 841-2201 or email lindsay@fbcinc.com. Follow us on Twitter @CyberMaryland or LIKE us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/theCyberMD.


About The National Cyber Security Hall of Fame

The National Cyber Security Hall of Fame is an organization that was created, and is being supported, by companies and organizations committed to recognizing the individuals who played a key role in the creation of the Cyber Security Industry. With a mission to respect the past and protect the future, the event highlights the major milestones in the industry’s 40-year history. The black-tie event is a celebration of cyber innovation attended by 300+ cyber leaders from across the country. Tickets are $250. To learn more visit, https://www.fbcinc.com/e/cybermdconference/hof.aspx.

 For more information, contact Michelle Jackson at 678-548-2461 or 240-841-2245.