New Orleans, LA – January 19, 2022 – If you don’t know the difference between a hobby, a hustle, and a legitimate business, New Orleans native and entrepreneur Keishia Deverney wants to educate you. After launching her new podcast, The Lemonade Diaries, Deverney and her special guests discuss social, community, and business issues that impact families across the city.

Keishia Deverney, co-owner of Element Beverage, interviews Lori Jackson, Director of the Urban League of Louisiana’s Women’s Business Resource Center (WBRC)

During the podcast, Deverney taps into the savvy, streetwise business expertise she developed as the co-owner of Element Beverage Company, a non-GMO lemonade beverage venture she and her ex-husband, David Espadron, inherited after the untimely death of their 22-year-old son, Devin Espadron, in 2019. Devin founded Element while a student at St. Augustine High School and transformed it into a successful multi-flavored lemonade brand sold in over 150 stores and restaurants across the city.

Passionate about sharing her personal experiences as a mother, wife, anti-violence activist, and business owner, Deverney’s new podcast addresses mental health, personal and business development, and love and relationships.

The Lemonade Diaries’ first episode launched last December on YouTube, Facebook Live, and Spotify. During the initial show entitled Overcoming Depression After Loss, Deverney interviewed certified social worker and mental health counselor Victor Sims of Sims Social Services in Gretna. The two discussed Deverney’s personal diary excerpts that she shared during the interview and her struggles with depression after her son’s death.

During her second show earlier this month entitled The Sky is the limit for New and Emerging Businesses, Deverney interviewed the Urban League of Louisiana’s director of the Women’s Business Resource Center (WBRC), Lori Jackson. In the thirty-minute segment, the women – both entrepreneurs – discussed ways to turn a hobby into a legitimate business and the ten steps to launching a successful startup.

In February, Deverney will host the podcast at the Moxy Hotel New Orleans to celebrate Valentine’s Day. She will be joined by a panel of New Orleanians- from millennials to baby boomers – who are looking for love in the new year. This series will include an open discussion about dating, marriage, and love after divorce. To be considered a panelist or attend the event’s taping, complete the form HERE.

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