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19-Year-Old Penn State Student Uses 3D Printing to Keep Headphone Cords Tangle-Free


Shemar Coombs, 19, from Pennsylvania State University in Philadelphia, PA, is one of this year’s competitors in the i.Invest Competition. After dealing with tangled or lost headphones for far too long, Shemar came up with a solution to this problem with his company, Rap It Up.

Tell us a little about your business.

Rap It Up is an iPhone case that allows customers to store their headphones safely without having to worry about them getting tangled or damaged. This case features a U-shaped channel on the side to easily and neatly store headphones. Designed with 3D printing, Rap It Up is sleek and sophisticated, so customers won’t have to worry about toting around a bulky phone case.

What inspired the creation of Rap It Up?

While Shemar was in a Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship class, he was given the task of coming up with a business idea that would make an impact in the world. It just so happens that in the same week he was given the assignment, he learned about 3D printing and its capabilities. With this knowledge in mind, he set out to put an end to the annoyance of tangled and damaged headphones once and for all.

What challenges will Rap It Up face?

The smartphone accessory market is very competitive and crowded, so Rap It Up may have to spend a substantial amount of capital on marketing to secure distribution. Although there are a few competitors in the market who have similar products, each of them has disadvantages. One of the competitors has a much bulkier design that makes it inconvenient to carry, while the other does not allow customers to use their own headphones. Once 3D printing becomes more mainstream, Rap It Up may face other competitors who also want to take advantage of this new technology.

How will Rap It Up impact the world?

Not only does Rap It Up solve a common problem that customers face on a daily basis, Shemar will also use his platform to better the world around him. Shemar is passionate about recycling, so when his business is up and running, he plans on encouraging customers to recycle old, unused phones. Customers who follow Shemar’s lead by recycling will be rewarded with a slight percentage off of the purchase price of a Rap It Up case.

What are the next steps for Rap It Up?

Shemar hopes to secure funding after this competition to help Rap It Up cover patenting and marketing costs. Because of the competitive landscape of the phone accessory market, Shemar plans on dedicating the majority of any funds to building a strong brand presence.

To stay abreast of Rap It Up’s progress in the i.Invest competition, visit www.i-investcompetition.com and register for the i.Invest newsletter. Also, to provide support as a mentor or investor, please email info@i-investcompetition.com.

Good luck, Shemar!

The Power of Small Acts of Kindness

charity supper club
Charity Supper Club hosts and PR Solutions’ owners, Scottie & Michelle Jackson with Book Scholarship Recipient, Marven Kenol.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – On a warm Sunday afternoon in July at a quaint restaurant in Bridgeville, Pennsylvania, a small group of friends gathered to break bread together and to give to charity as part of the Charity Supper Club – Pittsburgh (CSC). The crowd, although smaller than expected, filled the room with rich conversation while gearing up to make cash donations toward CSC’s designated charity of the month.  As a result of their generosity, book scholarships totaling $750 were presented to two college-bound Pittsburgh area high school graduates.

The Charity Supper Club, hosted by PR Solutions LLC, was designed with one goal in mind – to use small donations to help transform the lives of people in need. No amount is too small. No goal is too insignificant. The Club has taken strides towards accomplishing its mission. Over the last several months it has presented close to $2,000 to area charities and families in need.

Meet the Charity Supper Club Book Scholarship Recipients

Marven Kenol, Age 18 – $500 Book Scholarship
Marven recently graduated from the The Neighborhood Academy in Pittsburgh and is now a freshman at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He believes that having “a good education is vital to achieving your dreams”. He expressed interest in connecting with new people while in college and taking full advantage of all the opportunities presented to him during his college years.
Book Scholarship Recipient, Lauryn Williams
Book Scholarship Recipient, Lauryn Williams
Lauryn Williams, Age 18 – $250 Book Scholarship
Lauryn is a graduate of Avonworth High School in Pittsburgh. She is now attending Penn State University. Her goals are to “make an impact in this world whether it is large or small.” She believes that knowledge is key and with knowledge people can enhance themselves and improve their situations as well as help others.

A Letter of ‘Thanks’ from Marven Kenol

Hello Mrs. Jackson,

As a recipient of your generous scholarship, I just want to say thank you for everything you have done. The scholarship you have given me has helped me greatly when it came to my books. As of right now I am able to buy all of the text books that I need and some of which are a little costly. For example, a math program called Aleks costs a student $90 for 18 weeks of use. As for my Introduction to music history class, the text book for that class costs $90 as well. For my Sociology class, the text book required is $110. Since I have the Scholarship, I do not have to worry about not having enough money to buy books, and I want to say thank you!
Special thanks to everyone who contributed.
What is Charity Supper Club?  An invitation-only dining experience that takes place quarterly at a different restaurant in the Greater Pittsburgh area. Guests are invited to attend, and to bring a friend, and are asked to join in the conversation, eat well and pledge either 50 or 100 percent of the total cost of their restaurant tab (minus tip) to charity. Ex. if a guest spends $90 on their meal and pledge 50% of their tab to charity, they pay $90 to the restaurant and $45 to charity. Minimum donation is $15 per dinner. For more information or to be added to the Charity Supper Club invitation list visit http://www.prsolutions123.com.