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CyberMaryland Conference Opens 2016 Call for Speakers


Speaking proposals are now being accepted for the 2016 CyberMaryland Conference, held October 20 – 21 at the Hilton (Camden Yards) in Baltimore, Maryland.

The CyberMaryland Conference seeks leadership presenters with new ideas in the areas of cyber risk, education and workforce development, innovation and technology, information sharing and community development, threat intelligence, insider threats, government cyber opportunities and hacker adaptability. Case studies in cyber product integration, social applications, digital health and wireless technology security, big data analytics and intrusion software are highly valued. In addition to topics related to intrusion software, trends in anti-malware software and new data protection applications are sought.

The deadline for speaking proposals is June 15. Full information on CyberMaryland Conference programs along with instructions on how to submit speaking proposals is available here.

For more information about speaking opportunities contact Michelle D. Jackson at mjackson@cybermarylandconference.com.

About CyberMaryland Conference

Launched in 2011, The CyberMaryland Conference is driven by a public-­ private partnership guided by The Federal Business Council, Inc. and a volunteer industry advisory board consisting of business leaders,top educators, and public sector representatives. Timely and informative, this issue-­ driven event provides an annual forum to unite private sector businesses, federal, state and local government and academia. With more than 1,000 attendees and 100+ exhibitors, the Conference is supported and funded by over 100 private companies, educational institutions and government organizations. For more information, please visit  www.thecybermarylandconference.com, call (800) 878-2940 FREE x283 or email gabriel@fbcinc.com.

About The Federal Business Council, Inc.

The Federal Business Council, Inc. (FBC www.fbcinc.com) has produced the CyberMaryland Conference from its inception, providing capital, personnel and expertise to launch and grow the program. Now in its’ 5th year, the Conference addresses the security challenges facing our nation’s digital infrastructure, reinforces Maryland’s position as the epicenter of cybersecurity, and help fulfill Maryland’s responsibility to support America’s cybersecurity mission while maximizing the benefits to and opportunities for Maryland.

PR Solutions Tapped as Agenda Architect for CyberMaryland Conference 2015


The Federal Business Council, Inc. has partnered with Pittsburgh-based PR Solutions LLC to develop the fifth annual CyberMaryland Conference agenda. The event, scheduled for October 28 – 29 at the Baltimore Convention Center, is a global gathering of cyber security entrepreneurs, investors, academics, students, enterprises and government officials. The conference, which has attracted thousands of attendees over the years, provides a unique opportunity for Maryland to demonstrate its natural leadership in the fields of information technology and cyber security.

“The security and protection of data have become a vital part of our lives,” said Michelle Jackson, CEO of PR Solutions. “New threats are rapidly emerging and innovative tools for protecting our information are hitting the marketplace daily. Collaborative events like the CyberMaryland Conference play an important role in bringing public and private leaders together to help bridge the gap in information sharing.”

Jackson was the Agenda Coordinator for the event in 2013 on behalf of the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development and led the State’s international business competition for the last three years. Now, as a small business owner, she continues her relationship with Maryland’s business community.

“Maryland is a hub of cyber innovation,” said Jackson. “I am excited about this opportunity and look forward to starting the process of finding the best and brightest cyber-minds. My goal is to create an informative and educational event.” To do this, Jackson is working with the Federal Business Council to recruit speakers between now and June 15th. To be considered, complete the Call for Speakers proposal or email mjackson@cybermarylandconference.com.

To learn more about PR Solutions visit www.prsolutions123.com.